Another free flower pattern-Daffodil

For a little while I was worried I would have to do each big petal on these one at a time and the thought of weaving in all those ends stopped me from getting on with it. However, I have come up with a clever cheat and so you only have 4 little ends to deal with in this easy  (I hope), pretty little Daffodil.

You could knock up a few and make the beginning of spring last forever.

The pattern is written in standard US crochet terms.

You will need

Very small amounts of Scheepjeswol Cotton 8 in Canary and Yellow

3mm crochet hook

Needle for weaving in ends


sc- single crochet

slst- slip stitch

ch- chain

st(s)- stitch (es)

hdc- haft double crochet

sk- skip

dc- double crochet

htr- half treble crochet

sp- space

rnd- round


in Canary

1: make 8sc into magic loop join with slst

2: ch1, 2sc in each st around join with slst

3: ch1, *2sc, sc* rep** around, join with slst

4: working in front loops only, hdc around, join with slst

You will get a bowl shape that should look like this

5: hdc in each st around, join with slst

6: *ch3, join in next st with slst, sl to next st* rep** around. Fasten off.


Using Yellow

7: join in the back loop of any st of round 3, *ch2, dc in same st, dc2, [dc, ch2, slst]in same st, slst to next st* rep** around.

8: *ch3, [hdc, dc] in same st, 2tr, ch3, slst to 1st ch to create picot, 2tr, [dc, hdc] in same st, ch3, slst join to same st aslast part of petal, sl st to beginning of next petal* rep** around,  fasten off, weave in ends and enjoy your work.



As ever if you find any issues please let me know as I am never sure how clear my instructions are.


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