April sock challenge update

It’s fair to say I forgot about setting myself this little challenge haha. I did remember yesterday though and I decided to work on the pink-green gradient yarn socks.

These are just a basic top down sock, I pulled this out to do first because I don’t need to take a pattern with me to do it.

The thing worth noting with this pair is that the needles I am using are square. They are Kollage Yarns 3mm, 9″ circulars and I do quite like them but they do take a little adjusting to.  The angles do make a difference to the way you knit. For a while I was just knitting as normal but it meant that the corners were rubbing against one another and it’s a sensation that went through me. They also have a very sharp tip so would likely work well with lace but does mean you have to be careful not to stab through your own finger.

The yarn is Schoppel Wolle Zauerball, unfortunately I cannot remember the colourway name but I have used a few Zauerball’s and I really do like them.

All of the items in the picture are actually from America. The yarn, needles and rowntree counter were picked up from a little yarn store in Florida when we were on holiday a couple of years ago.

I am really liking these colours and looking forward to having some lovely hand knit socks when winter rolls back around.



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