The perils of the craft fayre

So I’ve been quiet for a while as I have been making like a mad person to get ready for a craft fayre on Good Friday. I only go for craft fayres as you hope that they will be just that; fellow artisans plying their handmade wares to people who know what they are looking at. The reality is often far from that unfortunately.

While I had many people stop and compliment my work there were also many raised eyebrows at my pricing.

Now I don’t think many fibre artists (or any other crafters for that matter) charge what they should for their time. We craft because we love it and what I charge I believe is a fair price for the work I have put in (and lower than many others charge). When you buy from someone who has crafted an item there are sometimes hundreds of hours of work in a single item.

Long story short the “craft” fayre was a bust and for the most part it was not fellow crafters (though there were a few with some beautiful items).

I will continue to make because I love it but I’m not sure I will do any more craft fayres and that’s a shame because it means craft fayres are losing the true crafters.


One thought on “The perils of the craft fayre

  1. I understand. That’s happened to me too. I stuck with it but it actually got worse rather than better. My friend sells her little knitted garments on stalls but she charges very little. I want to earn what my efforts and skill are worth. I just concentrate on creating for family now

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