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Catch up 20.2.18

Unfortunately I’m very late with this, I had a bad week the week before last and did almost nothing however this week has been ok. I’ve made a couple of skeins of yarn

The first one is another thick and thin pretty pastel with rolags from Kaleidoscope Fibre Arts.

The second is a DK weight merino and sparkly combo that is just fun and pretty. It’s not next to the skin soft but it’s still yummy and fun.

I have managed a bit more work on the Persian Tiles blanket and now have all but 2 of the large motifs finished.

I have completed another sunflower blanket in a slightly different colour combo that is more muted than the usual one and started a star blanket, which I have yet to take any pictures of.

Last but not least this week I got a fantastic Fibreshare package which really helped pull me back out of my sad place

It was really just a beautiful, colourful, wonderful gift and I cannot wait to get some of those beautiful fibres on my wheel.

I’m in the middle of a blog post that isn’t just boring what I have been up to stuff but I want to make sure it’s well written so hopefully I’ll have that ready for you in a couple of days.

Thanks for coming back if you have come for a nosey, hopefully I’ll have something slightly more interesting and informative for you soon 😊


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