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It’s almost here….

It’s the time of year that we all look forward to and dread in equal measure (or I do anyway). There’s too much to do and too many things that could go wrong. You can be the most organised person in the world and yet you’ll find something two days before Christmas that you forgot to do (last year that would be wrapping the presents and it is not a mistake I wish to make again)!

It’s also an odd time of year to be an adult. People keep asking what you want and for the most part you have bought what you need through the year so you ask for practical things or stuff you probably don’t really need anyway. It’s harder if you have a fibre habit that people around you just don’t really get. It took a while for my husband to just accept I am going to ask for yarn related stuff but this is the first year I have not been very specific and we could be in dangerous territory but I’m going to risk it. I have asked for some Spin City batts and I have told him to choose. I adore her batts! I literally had to drag myself away when we went to Yarndale because they are more expensive than I usually pay and I haven’t been sure until recently that I think I could spin one but they are so utterly stunning! I could have spent a good couple of hours on that stall at Yarndale and still been happy to find something to look at! I have also asked for a Kromski Harp Rigid Hedel Loom after not managing to get a loom in the summer but we’ll wait and see as that’s a bigger ask.

It’s made harder at my house because my birthday is Christmas Eve so poor hubby has to try and deal with both events at once and he is a bit (a complete) last minute shopper.

So good luck fibre folk, I hope those around you bring you all the fluff and fibre tools you could wish for and the season treats you well however you choose to spend it.


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