Coil spinning fun!

I have been admiring coil spun yarns for a while now, being a huge fan of rainbows they just appeal to me so I had to give it a try. I spent a few hours googling and looking at YouTube videos, some of which were more helpful than others.

I knew I wanted rainbow coils on a plain yarn but I wasn’t sure whether to find some fibre to practice on first or just go for it. I opted to just go for it, mainly because I hate waste and this way I would take more care.

So, my core was some Stylecraft Special acrylic because I have tonnes of it lying about, it actually made a good core, although next time I need to spin the same direction as the ply and go for something finer (this was a double knit). The white base was Australian Polwarth and while it gave me the look I wanted I think I would have liked a slightly longer staple for where it wraps under the coil, just for a bit more grip. My coloured coils were left over merino colours and I think they have worked well. I learnt as I went along that they didn’t need to be as long or thick as I had initially though and actually started playing a bit with the size which I think gave a nice end result. To start with I was also not wrapping a tight around the core as I think I should have, party this was due to the fact that my twist was travelling in to the core and removing the ply. Once I realised what I needed to do it made it much easier and I got a better look.

Overall I’m actually really happy with my finished yarn and I think it will be useable once it’s set and I can work out what to make with it. I really enjoyed spinning this and I’m already planning my next coil spin.


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