First spin on the Jumbo flyer

So I guess this is a review of sorts but it’s worth keeping in mind that I have been spinning less than a year and the blend I was spinning was new to me. That being said I love my new jumbo flyer!

The sliding hooks make it much easier to get a nice even bobbin which meant I was able to fit more yarn on the bobbin. Each of these has a little over 50g on when previously they would have been overflowing.

My standard bobbins fit with no issues so for now I haven’t had to shell out on lots of new bobbins, I only have one jumbo bobbin which I am saving for plying but I will buy more for when I’m chain plying.

The only minor issue I can find is I feel like the fibre glass arms should be a tiny bit longer (although that wouldn’t necessarily work with my scotch tension wheel) to allow the hooks to slide a little further as they don’t go quite far enough to fill the very end of the bobbin. (I’ve used a different project to show this as it’s easier to see on this one).

I haven’t yet tried all of the different ratios but the two middle ones are the same as the two that were available on my standard sized flyer so the swap has been a nice easy process as initially I was worried I might have to rework how I treadle.

I was using the orifice reducer to start with but I took it out for the second single as I found it was actually causing my fibre to snag ever so slightly and it made no difference, it certainly hasn’t caused me any problems to take it out.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase and very glad of the swap. My final yarn was 417m of sock weight yarn in a single skein weighing 111g.


7 thoughts on “First spin on the Jumbo flyer

    1. I did “um and ah” over whether the extra money was worth it but to be honest since it was only and extra £10 (the standard jumbo with hooks was £80 anyway) and I had saved the postage cost by going to Wingham to get it I figured what the hey. It was definitely the right decision and if asked I would say to anyone the sliding hook is worth the extra spend.

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