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Yay new things!

I would like to start by saying that if someone offered me a choice between an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland or a spree at Wingham Wool I would be very hard pressed to choose. I mean, I’d take the trip to Disney because it would make the kids happy, but I would definitely be a little sad about it.

That being said I got to take my second trip to Wingham this past weekend and I came home with my much anticipated Jumbo flyer. I made the mistake of visiting the rainbow shed while I waited and somehow I also left with some yummy fibre. I really don’t know how it happened, I swear I was just going for the flyer and a spare drive band and the fibre happened to follow me out….

I opted to pay the little bit extra and went for the sliding hook flyer, mainly because it has 4 ratios as opposed to the 3 that were on the standard jumbo flyer, however having done a bit of research I think it depends on the age of the flyer. One site I looked at only listed 2 ratios (the same as my standard flyer) but was a bit cheaper than everywhere else.

So my treasures were carefully stowed and we came home with me giddy to try out my new flyer only to find it was unfinished and needed a coat (or two) of wax to seal it. I was very good though and I bought some clear finishing which came on Tuesday. I went with clear as, even though my wheel is stained dark, I very much doubt I can match it up so I figure if it stays a nice light wood it at least gives a nice contrast rather than looking like I have obviously got it the wrong colour. That and the fact that the finishing wax needed two coats that took about an hour to dry and stain needed at least 2 and would take a day or more to dry. Patience is not a virtue I am well known for.

So having spent the day waxing and buffing all my new bobbins and flyer unit I was able I add the flyer last night. That was a task and a half as the previous owner obviously never intended to take this wheel apart for any reason whatsoever and I almost ended up rounding off the screw head and when I finally got the old flyer bearing out I had to sand out enough room for the new one which took far longer than it should have.

After all that though the new flyer is in place, the old one has been safely stored in a box just in case and I am proud of my DIY (hubby couldn’t get the screw out for me and threatened violence on my precious wheel would you believe!). I will be back soon with an update on how she spins!


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