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Do you Fibreshare?

I love Fibreshare. My friend introduced me to the concept last year and I have taken part in every round since.

I love putting together a parcel for someone I have never met and thinking that it could bring a little bit of joy to their day. I like the challenge of buying for someone else’s taste, looking around shops for things I like but would probably not buy for myself for whatever reason is great fun. I also like to put a little bit of my own taste in there so that it isn’t just a box of things they would buy for themself.

I also love waiting for a package that has someone else’s personality on it. You can’t help but add some of your own taste to what you buy for someone, it just happens. It gives you a tiny insight in to what that person likes and when you make something with those things you get a tiny piece of someone else in what you made. I think that is a wonderful thing.

So if you want a little bit of mid year gift giving for no reason at all I advise everyone to take part in the next round of #fibreshare (find them on Instagram and keep an eye out for the sign up announcement). It really is a great way to connect with someone who enjoys some of the things you enjoy and a wonderful feeling to send them a box that could well make their day.

This was my most recently received box and I love it


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