Mystery fibre

A little while ago I took part in a fibre swap on Facebook and amongst the beautiful fibres and gifts I received was a small amount of something very shiny and very pretty. Unfortunately the lady who sent it to me had no idea what it was so for a little while I put it to one side.

This week I decided to use it but I also decided that I want to work out what it is.

The sheen was a good clue that I wasn’t looking at wool and once I started to spin it had a completely different handle to any wool I have used. So it was time for a burn test.

Obviously if you want to do a burn test you need to be careful. Make sure you are only using a small amount of fibre in a well ventilated area that the flame can’t escape. I used this great chart I found from Ditzy Prints which I thought was great.

Once burnt I could smell paper but since I don’t spend a lot of time burning things I couldn’t really say if it wasn’t something else. It only burnt for a second or so once I took the flame away and so most of the fibre was left untouched looking like this

So using the chart, coupled with the sheen and lots of tiny bumps in the fibre, I am fairly certain this is silk. Feel free to tell me I am wrong if you know different, there are still many many fibres I have yet to play with.

This will eventually be plied with some merino for my first proper 3 ply yarn which I am looking forward to. Spinning pure silk was definitely a unique challenge too.


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