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This last week or so has seen some of the paintwork in my house being redone. As is to be expected this resulted in an amount of dust and various paint spots needing to be cleaned. Unfortunately this meant my husband commandeered a couple of my cotton wash cloths but they have more than served their purpose over the (literally) years they have been in use and it gave me a great excuse to use up some of Lily’s Sugar n Cream cotton scraps I have lying around.

These two were worked on a 5mm hook but would have been fine on a 5.5mm or possibly even a 6mm.

The Star wash cloth is just a small version of my star blanket pattern stopped after around 6 rows, just keep going until you think it’s big enough.

The square was made using the following formula (US crochet terms).

Start with a magic loop and make 3 rounds of granny square.

4-6: slip st to next chain space, ch4, miss 1, dc, ch1, dc, [2dc, ch2, 2dc] in corner, *dc, ch1, miss 1* to next corner ending with a dc, repeat corner instructions, continue around and join with a slst to 3rd chain.

7-8: ch3, dc every st and chsp and repeat previous corner instructions for each corner.

Weave in ends and enjoy your fab new wash cloths.

I use mine in the kitchen but they have multiple uses around the home and bathroom and can be machine washed with the rest of your towels and used for years!


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