Creating candy canes and rainbows

I thought I better write this down before I forget as I can see me wanting to recreate this. If it’s any good to you feel free to use it to create your own beautiful yarn. It might be worth noting I prefer a semi long draw technique when spinning.

What I used

I used 100g of natural coloured merino and lots of coloured scraps split in to small sections


What I did

I began spinning the natural merino, this was my Base colour all the way through. I picked up colours at random and added them to the main strand, I created the candy canes by lightly touching the colour about half an inch above my main drafting area so that just a few strands were picked up. I then used my first and middle finger to pull the colour down level and passed my main colour so that only a few strands were ever spun, eventually going passed and pulling the colour away. I always place the colour underneath as then I can continue to hold the main natural colour with my thumb and base of my forefinger  and I can control the candy cane colour with my forefinger and middle finger.

There was no set length to far I made the candy canes or the natural sections. Sometimes I would spin for only and inch or two, other times I would spin a foot or more. I tried to not use the same colour twice in a row and literally pulled up a colour from my lap without looking at it.

It’s was a very simple spin, though quite slow as I really wanted to keep the candy canes clean and that took a lot of concentration to start with.

I love the finished look which is N plyed and about a double knit weight. Definitely worth the effort and a favourite spin to date.


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