It’s all about The Tour

A couple of weeks ago I started to see people in the spinning groups I am in talk about the Tour De Fleece. When I asked what on earth they were talking about I was given vague answers from ” search Google” to “look on Ravelry” to “oh it’s just people spinning”. It basically got me thinking this was some secret club that I wasn’t allowed to join because I didn’t already know what it was.

As it happens I followed the advice I was given and what I found was this: it’s not a secret society.

Basically you are spinning every day of July during the Tour De France and some people have set up groups in which they do this. I was advised if I wanted to find a group I should look for people with similar interests to my own. Errr, hello, we’re all in to yarn, surely anywhere would do? Apparently not. I looked at a couple but what I found was groups were established, some for a few years and so friendships have formed within them it’s hard to break in to that sort of established circle (for me anyway).

The conclusion I have drawn for myself is that I spin every day anyway so the groups I am already part of are friendly and welcoming and if I feel the need I can continue to share my works there. I think there is and bit of mystery around the TdFleece but actually if you look at the Internet for answers they are not necessarily forthcoming. Many of the link just take you straight to the groups, though the Spinfoolish site explains it really well.

For me it’s great to see some of works people are doing. Many people have told me it gives them a chance to focus their skills rather than just spinning. Some of the groups set up challenges in the form of new skills or yardage spun and that is fun too. However I am happy just spinning, I’m not sure I’m ready for a whole month of focused spinning just yet.

It’s worth watching out for next year though as many indie dyers have some excellent offers in the run up to the Tour. And if you feel like you want a challenge or an excuse to focus your spinning for a little while then try and find other people who are taking part and will encourage and cheer you on for a bit.

You can never have too many fibre friends after all.


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