Life is better in colour

My current spinning project was going to be a 2ply, one single a rainbow, the other a pretty natural white. I completed my rainbow at the weekend and it’s now sat waiting for me to finish the second single so I can ply.


However just as I sat down with my beautiful clean white merino to start spinning I caught sight of the bag of leftover bits from my rainbow spin and my mind wandered. White is beautiful and crisp and clean and……. white but what if it was crisp and clean and sang with colour.

So my white single had a small change of plan and now has little touches of colour, but even better than that it has beautiful little candy canes of colour. It would appear I just cannot help myself when it comes to throwing colour at stuff.

I can’t wait to ply this together, it is going to be amazing 😍


4 thoughts on “Life is better in colour

  1. Man you spinners always make spinning look and sound so much fun when I know it isn’t, well maybe not for me in drop spinning that is. Never really had a good chance with a wheel but I would like the creativity of the process, if I ever could sit still long enough to practice to get pretty decent at it. I really like the colors you showed here and the white with the pops of colors are just amazing! Great job!


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