Cake anyone?

Today the reason for my yarn obsession turns 8!

My son was my inspiration to pick up needles again and learn as much as I have as well as adding a few more yarn related hobbies.

I think some of the first things I made him were wool nappy covers and everyone hated them! As he got bigger I started making jumpers but my tastes tend to be limited to me alone and were usually bright variegated yarns. They weren’t such an issue when my daughter came long but people seemed to think they looked funny on a boy. Austin always liked it when I gave him a new jumper though and that’s what matters.


So this is for my gorgeous boy, should he ever come across this in years to come.

I love you to the moon and back Austin, never change from the slightly quirky boy who can stay in the same chair for an hour without ever actually sitting still. You are awesome and I am always proud of you.




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