Sprogs, dogs and holidays…..

Non are conductive to a woman who wants to sit and get some spinning and knitting done, luckily I’m quite fond of my sprogs and dogs (sprogs are how I collectively refer to my children).

This week has been half term at school and hubby’s birthday and a bank holiday weekend so it has mostly involved trips out to do stuff, cake and dogs driving me wappy while they wait for flyball for the first time in a month. I’m exhausted as the kids are a bit of a whirlwind (as kids are) and we got a big pool for the garden so yesterday and today have involved blowing that up, making sure it’s properly filled and then swimming.

I’m ready for some rest and I just want to have a play on my wheel 😭 I have nabbed 30 minutes here and there but next week I will be very ready for a proper spin session. This weekend the kids are staying with their grandparents so I can recover.

This weekend is for the dogs and my sanity!

I love my family but some days 2 hyperactive sprogs and 2 hyperactive hounds is very wearing.

This post is for all the mums who can’t wait to experience silence and a clean house 😁


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