Spinning journal

I made a start on actually documenting my spins yesterday and I do like the way they look lined up next to one another.

I was going to print the cards with titles but I’m a bit of a tradionalist and I really like an excuse to get out a pen so I’ve decided to hand write the information instead.

I have left the top couple of cm of each card blank to wrap the sample around and then recorded the following details

Prep: how the fibre was prepared for spinning- the three I have recorded so far have been a commercial prep (I have also stored the original fibre tag in the back), rolags and a cloud/ lock.

Blend: what fibres are in the yarn.

Finish date: when it was finally all done.

Spun on: whether it was drop spindle or wheel or if I ever aquire another wheel, which one I use.

Yarn weight: final yarn weight.

Grist: I’m going to be honest with you and say at present I have no idea what this is (haha), however most spinners seem to talk about it and so it is on my list of things to find out about and record.

WPI: wraps per inch.

Plied: how my yarn was plied to finish. My favourite ply method in Navajo/ chain plying but I have done a few and so if I ever want to recreate anything I figure it’s worth noting.

Twist direction: I think most people have a natural direction to spin, I tend to spin z and ply s. Z is right, S is left for those who don’t know (I double checked before I started writing these down).

Twist angle: I’ve lost the little semi circle thing (the name has currently escaped me, I want to say protractor but I can’t be certain as my brain has apparently stayed in bed this morning) so I haven’t done this yet but I will record it when the little thing comes out of hiding.

Ratio: I haven’t recorded this accurately yet because I’ve been too lazy to check the ratio on my wheel but it’s another thing on my to do list.

The folder I’m using comes in really handy as it has a large pocket inside the front and back cover that I can store some little bits in. I currently have a “cheat sheet” that has some handy info reminders on (stuff like ply direction and definitions I need reminding of) and my WPI gauge in there and I’ll add my protractor when I find it (assuming that’s the right name lol).


I’ll be adding a couple more cards today hopefully and I’m looking forward to recording more as I go. I think it might be a nice thing to look back on in years to come and remember my spinning journey and if I’m really lucky someone else may even pick it up and be inspired to start their own journey.


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