It’s gone

I have given away the white faced woodland fleece! I spun up a little sample and washed and snapped it and left it to dry and its just not remotely what I was hoping for.

It’s not rough but it’s not nearly soft enough for a scarf so I just don’t want to put the hours in to it that it needs.

Don’t be sad though. I have kept a couple of small pieces for in case I can think of something where the softness isn’t so important and so that I can eventually have a play at dying and the rest has gone to a primary school.

The kids really enjoyed seeing fleece as it’s mostly still in a large piece so it looks very “sheep” still and there were some rolags and a singles so I explained it to the teachers and they have been able to show the children the process. They were fascinated with the big locks in the fleece and enjoyed giving it a really good squish. I imagine some of them may never have seen a sheep, let alone had chance to feel one.

So it’s a happy ending for the white faced woodland, just not with me, but I think this was a better use of it. I might have to take one in every year. Who knows, it might even inspire some of them to research a woolly hobby 😊


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