Fleecy fun

Have I mentioned yet that I am a terrible hoarder of yarny things?

I decided I need to try some different fleeces to really get a feel for what I like to spin (as you do). I also decided these should be some good British grown breeds and, after a brief conversation with Lisa from In the Raw Fleeces, I am now the proud owner of some Romney, Jacob and North Country Mule fleece.


(Clockwise from top left: Romney, Jacob, MCN and the White Faced Woodland I have been working)

These are so amazingly super soft and the best bit is they are all washed and picked for me so I can just sit and spin them 💙💙💙

I have also decided that while I spin these I want to try and keep a spinning diary as I go. I’ve seen some brilliant pictures of some but they all take me back to pintrest and then I can’t get any closer to the original source to find out more. I’ve got some ideas now though and hopefully I can share them here.

For now though I’m off back to my wheel, I’m spinning something a plan to gift to a friend as the colour weren’t to my taste but I know she will love it.


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