Lock spun results

This was fun but a lot more work than I wanted, I also need a lot more practice. I think if I’m honest I’m not actually the worlds biggest fan of textured yarn which means, pretty though this is, it will sit in my stash for a long while before I have any idea what I want to do with it.

I am happy with the results though. I’m glad I did my research before I started, loosening the locks was definitely helpful but it still wasn’t the easiest task convincing them to smush together (that’s the technical term, honest) enough for a smooth drafting process . I’m also a big fan of thinner yarns, as you’ll know if you have looked at my previous work, so this was a challenge for me. It has to be a bit thicker just because you want to keep the beautiful texture of the locks or you wouldn’t do it in the first place.

Once I had spun my locks I then didn’t know whether it needed to be plied and despite searching the Web for answers I found literally non. Squat. Nothing.

I resorted to a Facebook group and just looking at pictures of other people’s work. I eventually found out its just about the same as any other project so was entirely up to me and I decided to ply it with a thin single of the white faced woodland I have been working on (which spun up quite nicely if a little fuzzy).

So overall I am very happy with my first attempt at lock spinning and I still love the way these lock spun yarns look. Mine is a very small skein as I only had 50g of locks and I’m pretty grateful for that as it definitely wasn’t easy. Although it was possible on my standard flyer I think an overdrive or other large flyer would definitely be a good idea, and you would certainly need one if you were to make anything thicker than I did (mine is probably a worsted or light aran in most places). My flyer hooks were also a bit of a hindrance as they would occasionally snag a lock and I would have to stop to free it and then remove the over spin I had inevitably gathered.

I know it may look like a pretty negative post but it definitely wasn’t a negative spin, I still enjoyed it and I would do it again and I love the yarn I have been left with. If you are new to lock spinning and thinking of giving it a go these are the issues I found so you can hopefully be armed against them, not so you can be put off by them 😊


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