Lock spinning

I am taking the plunge this week and finally starting work on these beautiful golden curls that I have had sat around for a bit.


I watched a couple of youtube videos that suggested for your first time you should do some prep work and open the locks out a bit to make drafting easier until you are more used to the whole process so that is what I spent the last couple of nights doing.

They are really soft and I’m really looking forward to getting these on my wheel and seeing how they work up. I love the look of the tail spun yarns so I am hoping to work towards that but this is the first step for me.

S3perating is taking a bit of time, some of them are are little sticky or have little mats at the top of the lock so I guess that is why you need to work through them the first time. I imagine I would get fed up pretty quickly if I kept having to stop for them once I start spinning.

Also I don’t have a large flyer or anything. I am just using my standard Ashford Traveller flyer. It may be that once I start if I am going to spend any amount of time making textured yarns I’ll investigate in a jumbo flyer but for now I’m just playing and I have been told it can be done with the standard bobbin and flyer so that’s what I’m doing.

I would love to see pictures of other lock spun yarns or tail spun yarns if anyone has any 😊


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