Flippin weather

The downside to “the great British summer” is it being preceeded by the great British spring time. This generally means we get wondeful weather or horrible weather…. or both…. or a combination of the two and various other non specific weather fronts all in about an hour. It makes it very difficult to plan anything.

Today I had planned to sit in the garden and start to comb out the now washed and dry fleece.  When I got up it was looking pretty good, the sun was shining and I got my  things all ready and took the children off to school. That was when we got the first spots of rain, while the sun was out and it looked like it might pass. By lunch time it was grey with constant showers so I gave up my plans and put everything away.

Right now it’s 6.30 in the evening and there is glorious sunshine outside the window. What good is the sunshine at tea time!? Well I suppose if I’m lucky there might be some daylight left once I’ve got the dinner things cleaned away, put the kids to bed and walked the dog…..


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