And the results….

After waiting for both sets of wool to dry (the one from the dish soap and the one from the washing powder experiment) I can say that the dish soap seems to have done a much better job.


The top section is the one from the washing powder bath, I thought this would cone up softer but it definitely hasn’t.  It actually feels quite dry and brittle so I will be interested to see whether it will be OK to card and spin with.

The bottom section is the one done with dish soap, it looks and feels cleaner and is definitely softer and bouncier than the other lot.

I’m going to try and continue to process in two lots to continue to compare, mostly just out of curiosity now to see it through. The only issue I ran in to was I noticed a break in the lock length that runs through most of the fleece so before I went any further I have had to pull all the short fibres off which has meant a fair bit more work and I have lost about a tenth of the weight of wool in these short fibres after washing. I haven’t weighed to find out how much is left now it’s clean (I know it will have lost some weight due to the VM coming out and the lanolin being cleaned off).

For now the rest of the fleece has been cleaned in the bath and is hanging out to dry and I’m looking forward to the beginning of next week when I will have the time to card and start to spin some of this wool.

In the mean time I’ve started a new spinning project with some beautiful Felt Fusion superwash Merino/ Nylon fibre called Lady Glitter Sparkles as I know I can work this in my few spare hours between work and flyball this weekend. Isn’t it pretty?


I’m going to do a fracial spin with this, since I large to the last one I did. The whole has been split length ways and half is being spun straight down and the other half I have split in to four and flipped.

I love these fibres because they take almost no prep at all, I dare say if I really wanted to I could just unbraid and spin as Shadow just does such a careful job while dying.


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