Attempt #2

So, this time I am trying to see if I get different/ better results by using washing powder. It’s just a bog standard supermarket own brand non bio powder, everything else is the same (2 washes, 2 rises)

Here’s the pics. First wash20170416_150440.jpg

And sat out to dry


I do think this isn’t quite as soft as the first batch that was washed in Fairy but I don’t know if that’s to do with what it was washed in or something else. I have also dried this section on a towel and not on my dish rack and it seems to be drying more quickly.


2 thoughts on “Attempt #2

  1. I read somewhere that the reason for washing the raw wool with dishwasher soap is because it is good at removing the grease, something laundry detergent doesn’t do that good. I never tested it myself, do you feel the wool might be greasier this time?


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