The experiment continues

The washing is now done I’m just (im)patiently tapping my foot and waiting for my wool to dry. I have to say that I am not overly encouraged to carry on with this fleece.  After the first wash some of this opened up and revealed some poo that was trapped and hidden. I’m not overly squeamish, two kids and two dogs gives you a fairly strong stomach, but it was rather gross.

Thought you might like to see the water after the first rinse as done


However I think the transformation from icky fleece to something nice and clean will hopefully be worth the effort.

This is on the last rinse


There is still a fair amount of VM that I am hoping will fall out as I process further ready to spin but I think it is looking very nice so far. I love the colour of it too, it should be great if I decide to have a go with dyes.



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