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First trip to Hobbycraft


On Sunday I took my first adventure to Hobbycraft, we went to the Sheffield store (my sister and I) more for a nosey than anything else.

I think if you are the sort of crafter that has a dabble in everything this is probably a great place to go. It’s a bit like a supermarket just for crafters. The selection of general craft stuff is amazing, there is a bit of everything from cake making to painting and everything in between.

My sister went to look for some cross stitch things and, as someone completely new to the craft, she found plenty of things to get her going. I decided to go for a mooch around the wool section (let’s be honest the rest may as well have not been there).

The selection was pretty good and I was surprised to find a few of the American brands I like too, including the Caron Cakes which I would like to try and Lily’s Sugar and Cream which I love for dishcloths. I didn’t leave with anything because, to be honest, I kept seeing all these signs telling me what great prices they were and they definitely weren’t any better of worse than I have seen elsewhere and there are several small retailers I would rather support for the same money.


The selection of hooks and needles was really disappointing for me, only the cheaper sort and all aluminum, no choice at all really for anyone that might like to either try something different or who may have gone in specifically for bamboo, for example.

The roving was all meant for felting but the piddly bits they were selling for £1.70 wouldn’t get anyone very far at all, certainly not worth buying as a spinner. They have missed spinning off their craft list entirely.

I don’t think I would completely write it off as somewhere to visit for craft supplies but I’m not sure it will rank particularly highly for me. I can get the same brands for the same prices at my LYS or better prices online. I think if I needed a lot of different things then I would probably go again but I can’t see it being again trip I will be in a rush to repeat.


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