Flyball days

Astro’s first time out

I keep forgetting  to put this down. So getting it done quickly now. I apologise to those of you who don’t want to know about my dogs but I have 3 passions in my life: my family, my dogs and my yarn.

Anyway, it’s only a little one so you can skip it if you like 😉

On the 18th of March my young dog finally made his race debut for our flyball team. He has been training for this in one way or another since he came home and I was incredibly nervous as he is so different from my Spaniel. He’s faster and he’s much more focused and I didn’t want to do anything that was going to hurt him or risk the other dogs in the team as he seems so spindly sometimes.

He needed a couple of adjustments early in the day as he had never raced on that particular surface before but the whole team did an amazing job and we came away with third place in our division!

I was so proud of him and his team mates, first time running together and a rosette made all the hard work and nerves so worth it. Nothing for my other pooch unfortunately but the team ran really well all day and my silly spanner ran his paws off for me. I can’t wait to get back in the race lanes again next week!








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