Who said cleaning!?

Unfortunately I’m like 98% of the population and am, therefore, not overly thrilled by the thought of cleaning duties. However sometimes needs must and I will drag myself away from what ever woolly task I am doing and fetch out the hoover and various other cleaning accoutrements (how much fun is that word 😉) needed for the days task.

I’ve spent the last few days looking for the correct products to clean my wheel but everything I come across seems to be from America and I can’t find the same products here in the UK. My wheel is stained wood so it needs to be carefully cleaned to make sure it stays sealed but you have to avoid silicone based polishes that can coat the wood as these can cause various slipping issues with the drive band.

Then it dawned on me, I have lots of wooden furniture and a special polish for it all: Wood Silk! And it’s really easy to get hold of, I buy mine while doing my grocery shopping at various major retailers. It’s an all natural wood polish and it’s base is bees wax!


It took me a good half hour to give the whole wheel a go over, including taking off the flyer for a polish and wipe and giving each bobbin a spray too (not forgetting all the underneath bits and pulling out fluff) and then oil everything and put various bits back in place but it’s definitely worth it.

I apologise for a bit of a boring post today but I really struggled to find some good cleaning advice so maybe this will be of use to someone 😀


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