Maintenance should not be ignored

A couple of days ago I had the most brilliant idea for a new spinning project. It came to me and bounced around my head, distracting me from everything, until I went and pulled out what I needed from my stash and sat down at my wheel.

There the fun ended however. My wheel would not spin right. She was sluggish, walking across the floor and generally unresponsive. No matter how I adjusted my tension, brake band, sitting position, angle of the wheel nothing made it any better.

I was very close to throwing the thing out the window when I reminded myself that I enjoy spinning and there was likely a simple fix that I just couldn’t see. So the wheel was put away and I pulled out some knitting instead.

The next morning I was still not ready to talk to her so I was doing some reading instead when instead they dawned on me that I was totally sure how often I should be cleaning and oiling my wheel.

It sounds so basic and so simple but I am a very hands on learning sort of person and in my eagerness to get on with my next project I had forgotten about maintenance!

So I did a quick search to confirm my suspicions and lo and behold I should be oiling before every new spin and treating the wood about once I month (as well abouts various other jobs).

A quick oil later and some hidden fluff removal (I will be giving the wood a well earned wax once this project comes off) and my lovely wheel is once again spinning like dream.

A lesson learned and one I will try not to forget again!


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