Second sock syndrome…

Turns out I have that and apparently a fair case of “can’t even finish the first sock” syndrome too!

I went looking for something yesterday, which basically involves opening my big box of woolly stuff, pulling everything out and not finding what I went in for so putting it all back and going to stash location #2 (no one tell my husband I also have stash location #3 and overflow location #1).

Anyway, while in the big box of woolly things I found a few UFO’s (that’s UnFinished Objects to those of you innocent enough to not own any) and a couple of small project bags containing socks that are not finished. I have decided that I will rectify that.

So April is now sock month and I will be aiming to get these four pairs of socks all done by the end of the month because there are actually few things better than a nice pair of hand-knitted socks. If anyone wants to continually ask me how I’m getting on with them feel free, I have a brain like sieve and they are likely to be buried in the depths of the woolly horde again otherwise haha.



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