And now for something totally different

I am not the sort of person who gets excited about new technology but show me a fibre or yarn I haven’t tried and there is a good chance I will be itching to try it.

Not long after starting spinning I saw something called lock spinning and within minutes there were several ideas jumping around my head for what I might do with such fun looking yarns (though I am not usually a fan of novelty yarns). I’m still looking for suppliers for my new hobby and so I’m still feeling my way about to an extent but by accident I saw a page called “Locks to Dye For” on Facebook and I knew I had found something could try. Loads of beautiful homegrown and dyed curls with plenty of info on the sheep they have come from. I love that sort of thing.

So my first order arrived this week, literally a tiny order. I still have no idea what I’m doing and I have another couple of spinning projects I also need to complete but OMG these curls are ah-maze-ing! Just loooooook





3 thoughts on “And now for something totally different

  1. beautiful. i’ curious to see what comes out of it šŸ˜Š I found through facebook a farm specialising in growing merino sheep here in Holland. I cannot wait for their new fleece to be in webshop


    1. My favourite type of wool is Merino, I read somewhere it’s not ideal for a learner but it’s what I have taught myself using and it is absolutely stunning to spin up. I’m hoping to buy a whole fleece later next month so that I can have a go at the whole process, from washing to final spin.


      1. i bought a whole fleece last spring from a generic sheep to practise on… it is a loooong process and half of the fleece is still in shed… i do enjoy a lot pre-carding and dying wool, but for carding, im thinking of making my own drum carder since they are too expensive for me to buy one (but they are fairly simple machines)

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