Unicorn fluff from start to finish

I absolutely loved spinning up this gorgeous fluff and so I really wanted to share the whole process with you. There are lots of pictures!

First I split the braid in half, the first half was left as it came and spun start to finish- pink to purple. The second half I wanted shorter colour changes so I split it in to four and then flipped each one to spin purple first.

I then plied the two singles together, gave them a quick soak and snap and then hung them in the garden to dry.

I have now got the most beautiful squishy Unicorn fluff and the adventure is not yet over as I now need to find the perfect pattern for it…


3 thoughts on “Unicorn fluff from start to finish

  1. Gorgeous! And nifty – even though I didn’t understand what you did even though you used english words. I’m not a spinner, want to though, so I totally did not get “what” you did start to finish – but that yarn is DREAMY!!! ❤ ❤


    1. Thank you.
      I hope it’s as simple as it’s written, I think if you had fiber in your hands while reading it would make more sense. That said it wasn’t meant as a tutorial or anything, merely a description of what I did ☺


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