Futuristic knitting?

OK it’s probably not. I ordered some new tips last week and opted for the Knitpro Karbonz.


I’ve been using them for a few days now and I have decided that actually I quite like them.

They are more expensive than my usual Symfonie Wooden tips, however these won’t wear in the same way. The grip is more or less the same, although it has messed with my tension slightly and my stitches are now ever so slightly bigger. They are still warm to touch, so no cold fingers when first starting your work. I would have liked a slightly sharper tip but they are OK, not so rounded that I can’t actually get through my stitches cleanly, I just would have liked a little more point. The brass sections sit flush with the carbon fibre so there is no snagging as the yarn moves down the needle shaft and because of the light tip I have been able to work black yarn with no problem as well as the light colours.

I think as more of my tips need replacing I will go for these. So far they have all the benefits of the wood I like just without the likelihood of me needing to replace them after 3 months, and so in the long run the extra price tag can be justified.


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