A Woolly Treasure Trove in Yorkshire

A little while ago my husband told me of a place I could only dream of. A tiny place not too far away from where we live where they had all manner of woolly treasures. From natural to hand dyed yarns and fibres and every piece of equipment you can think of to work it: looms, wheels, needles, hooks and everything in between.

Yesterday my husband took me to my own version of Paradise πŸ’— it’s called Wingham Wool Works and is set on the outskirts of a village called Wentworth in Rotherham.

It looks like a little collection of sheds but going inside those sheds is like walking in to Narnia.

The bottom picture is “the rainbow shed” and is full of the most beautiful colour blends I have ever seen. My children loved it in there, I think they could have spent longer in there than I did.

It was a rainy afternoon so we took a little family trip and a lovely lady showed us all around inside the various sheds(I really wish I had asked her name and thasked her properly but I was too giddy). The kids got a little education on the huge sorter and carder which I only wish I could have seen in action (I love antiquated machinery but couldn’t get a picture) and we all had tonnes of fun admiring the colour work and squishing the various fibres.

I could have spent a small fortune on the various types and blends and colours but I’ll save that for when I’m better at spinning.

There was every kind of fibre I have heard of and lots that I have never even dreamt of, including some made from roses and banana plant! We got to touch and squish lots of them too, the kids both really liked the camel fibre, which I have promised to buy on my next trip.

I made sure I didn’t leave empty handed, I bought a couple of spare bobbins and a spare break band for my wheel as well as some beautiful colour blends which were chosen by my children. Mostly Merino but the white and green is blended with Shetland and Silk and the pink is Merino and Silk.


I don’t know what to try first!?!


6 thoughts on “A Woolly Treasure Trove in Yorkshire

    1. It’s definitely worth the trip. I picked my wheel up from Hull and it was about an hours drive from my house, maybe only a little more to get to Rotherham. If you can plan to make a day of it Elsecar village is just down the road and has a beautiful heritage centre with shops cafes and an old steam train that are also worth a visit 😊


      1. thanks for the tip! I would like to travel more around England, but we always stay in Durham county visiting the in-laws. Well on our next trip my mother in law is taking me to Edinburgh to a big craft fair, so something else for a change 😁


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