Ready, steady, Navajo

Firstly I’ll apologise for that little play on words but it’s been rolling round my head since I decided I was going to try Navajo plying.

Now that’s out the way I’ll show you my attempts.

Navajo or chain plying basically involves making chains one after another meaning you only need one single but get 3 plys and gives a more rounded yarn. It also eats your single in super fast time but at the minute I’m just clocking up spinning miles rather than wanting specific lengths of yarns for any purpose so I don’t mind that much.

I really enjoyed this method of plying but so far I’ve decided I quite like the plying part of making my yarns anyway. I’m always eager to see what it looks like once I’ve actually finished something, be it knit, crochet or spun, and plying doesn’t take too much time. Not like weaving in ends to complete a knit or crochet project which seems to take forever…. and ever…… and ……… ever…….


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