Excellent timing…. well sort of

That’s assuming there is ever a good time to have your main hall floor taken out.

Since I would like some undisturbed time to practice my spinning it’s nice to say I actually can’t get on with much during the day.

Several of the joists and lots of the floor boards have gone rotten in the hall so the whole thing is being ripped out this week and replaced with nice new joists and boards.


It means I can’t get from room to room or pthe stairs to do much in the way of housework so I have a nice excuse to sit and practice at my wheel.

I’m managing a bit more of a consistent speed today and finally getting round to spinning the reds I told you about before. I’m attempting to spin it so that when it is plied no to matching colours will be in the same place (I like slightly weird stuff like that). Looking forward to seeing how it comes out.



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