First day behind the wheel

Clearly I am not talking about a car. This is way more fun!

I picked up my new to me Ashford Traveller spinning wheel last night and spent the day dusting her off and giving her a little service. Replaced the brake band and drive band, put a bit of oil on the squeaky bits and a general bit of tlc before I had a test run.


Today was my first ever go at spinning on a wheel, I understand all the basics but having never put any of them to use its a lot to take in.

I had a couple of bits of merino tops lying around from I can’t remember what so thought this was a good chance to use them up. I remember being told to slightly over spin if I was going to ply, due to plying in the opposite direction, so I made sure that I gave it a little more twist than it needed.

It’s a very tactile skill, spinning, and actually feeling the twist in the fibre seems quite easy, putting that together with treadling at a slowish pace and rememberingto allow the yarn to wind on to the bobbin is not so easy. I so intent on trying to get a regular looking single that I forget to feed the yarn in. It’s not the sort of skill where you can learn it step by step as you need to be doing everything at the same time to get it right.


I did manage to get two fairly evenlooking singles though and I am very pleased with them. Then I had to ply them together and that is a whole new ball game.

The Traveller has its Lazy Kate pins on the front as opposed to as a separate piece of lit (a lazy Kate is a place you can sore your bobbins and they sit nicely and spin freely while you are plying, as I currently understand it). I really like this feature as I means in my limited space I don’t have to store anything else. So I placed my bobbins side by side and started spinning them together on to the third bobbin now on the wheel.

It was definitely worth adding the extra twist to the singles, it made plying really easy and the yarn came together nicely.


Next thing was winding in to a skein, we’ll I’ve done that before from my drop spindle so the next part was easy. My beautiful skein is now hung drying in the dining room and I have no idea what to do with it….

I can’t wait to decide what to spin next….





2 thoughts on “First day behind the wheel

  1. This is so cool. I really like the yarn you made. Im just finishing the last repairs on my spinning wheel. It is a old thing that never been used for spinning, so it needs small tweaking to make it fully functional. Cannot wait to test it. If my yarn turns at least half as good as yours, i’ll be very happy 😊


    1. Thank you so much. I am feeling rather proud of it, I think when you are used to the feel of yarn in general it makes feeling that twist a little bit easier because you know how it should feel.
      I just need to search out a pattern for it now. Good luck with your wheel.


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