Flyball days

Flyball days

Let me tell you a secret…

Sometimes I don’t spend any time with my needles or hooks or yarn of any kind. Sometimes I get up really early while everyone else in my house is still sleeping and I creep about in the dark and slip away with just my dogs before anyone else is awake. These are my flyball days.

I love my flyball days as they are usually just for me (although I do sometimes take the children). Flyball basically involves 4 friends with dogs running as a team to get their dogs over 4 hurdles, they then trigger a box, catch a tennis ball and come back down the hurdles before the team in the next lane do.

Yesterday we travelled to Scorton for a great day with our team The Flying Dragons. We had 4 teams that raced and everyone had a fab day, despite it being a bit of a workout running your dog and pitching in to help everyone else where you’re needed I always come away from flyball feeling mentally boosted and ready to face another week. There is something about spending a day (or a whole weekend) with lots of dogs and wonderful people that just gives you a buzz.

Here is  picture of a couple of our beautiful team dogs looking gorgeous.



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