Hooray for husbands

My husband has a terrible history of gift buying. He literally asks for an itemised list that he can choose from for Christmas (although this year I made him go it alone and he didn’t do too badly).

Unfortunately last year he completely forgot our wedding anniversary and then this year he failed at Valentine’s Day after promising me a meal out and then forgetting.

Anyway on to him winning at husbanding: Today he bought me a spinning wheel! 😃

A long while ago I bought myself an Ashford Traditional wheel and it sat in and corner of our house looking lovely but never being touched and so it was sold and I never did learn to spin… until now. I have always lusted after another wheel and so there are always a number of them on my watch list on various selling sites. Since my small success on my drop spindle recently it has reminded me how much I would love to spin properly and so today I became the owner of a beautiful Ashford Traveller wheel which I will be able to pick up on Sunday ❤

Isn’t she beautiful


4 thoughts on “Hooray for husbands

      1. Hahaha, i know the feeling… Luckily he never complains when i get something like that myself. Sometimes i buy my own present, and just send him a picture with words: Look honey what you “got” me for my birthday… 😁 and everyone is happy… win-win situation…

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